HPE Servers

Hewlett-Packard was founded by two graduates of Stanford University with an initial capital of $ 5. The efforts of the two men made their $ 7 billion after nearly seventy years. The company currently operates in more than 5 countries. HP was founded in the California area, a company that later created tens and hundreds of subsidiaries and became one of the world's largest hubs for the computer industry. The small garage where Hewlett and Packard made their first product is known as the symbol of company and birthplace. HP still leads the way in technology developments in the electronics industry. Following its merger with Compaq, HP was able to gain a leading edge in many manufacturing and service areas and compete with IBM IBM. HP and HP are split into two companies - products such as servers and storage that demand more share in today's world.


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Digital Storm VANQUISH 3 Custom Performance PC

Digital Storm Vanquish 3 Desktop PC
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