Zoom users top 300m as ban list grows -Saturday, April 25, 2020
Despite backlash around security and safety prompting government and business bans. Zoom video conferencing app's user base grew by another 50 percent to 300 million in the last three weeks, as the company fought to quell a backlash around security and safety that has seen a number of governments and firms ban its applications.
Design will hold hold personal data on a central server. Germany has chosen a home-grown technology for smartphone-based tracing of coronavirus infections, putting it at odds with Apple which has refused on privacy grounds to support the necessary short-range communication on iPhones.
Denies CLOUD Act will allow US to pry. The federal government’s already difficult job of winning sufficient public trust to convince Australians to download a forthcoming COVID-19 tracing app has hit another pothole, after multinational cloud provider Amazon Web Services was handed a deal to host the app’s data.
It’s not a particularly new scam, but it is clever, and apparently brutally effective. Devious crooks have gazumped a look-a-like 1800 telephone support number for Microsoft in Australia, registered the line for themselves and have been feasting on inbound victims thinking they checked the number is legitimate.
Source of advice, common tools and roadblock removal. Seek is repositioning its infrastructure team to enable different parts of the business to adopt and incorporate more cloud services into their ways of working.
As local employer coverage approaches saturation. Microsoft’s ambitions to cash in on the recruitment market by clipping the ticket on hires sourced through LinkedIn have been given a stiff local reality check.
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