PDU Power Module 8 Port TPD-108, 16 Amps, 220 Volts Suitable for Stand and Wall Racks
Manufacturer: irack
SKU: TPD-108
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♦ 19 inches in accordance with computer, telecommunication and audio standards

♦ 1.5U height and dimensions (depth, height and length respectively) 48.3cm χ 6cm χ 4.4cm

♦ 3m 1.5x 1.5mm cable with 16A single phase dual-amp portable DIN 49441

♦ 8 DIN 49440 sockets and equipped with an earth system capable of carrying 16 amps from each socket and 16 amps in general

♦ Special design in accordance with Iranian Power System 220V ~ 230V - 50/60 Hz

♦ With angled outlets to use the maximum number of outlets in the least useful space

♦ 45mmx 45mm sliding modular sockets and frames

♦ Central switchgear for power control

♦ Reduce electrical risk by removing internal wiring and replacing it with copper inserts in plastic insulation

♦ Aluminum body for aesthetic and more environmentally friendly

♦ Equipped with rotatable brackets for mounting on the rack as well as the wall

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