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There are various accessories for server racks. We're trying to briefly discuss some of these accessories.
• Trays (fixed and removable)
• Temperature and humidity fan and controller
• Fixed wheels and base
• cable management
• blank panel
• Power Module (PDU)
• Light Panel
• Bolts

Rack trays come in a variety of sizes and shapes. We will cover six types of server rack trays.

Rack trays have both a unit height measurement (U) and a depth inside the rack in centimeters. The unit describes the height measurement unit in the server rack as well as other accessories that fit inside the rack, and a U is 1.74 inches. The trays may also accommodate the maximum recommended weight, and some trays are more creative and designed to ventilate and circulate air.

Fixed trays have constant depth. So if you want to use racks with fixed trays, make sure your rack equipment fits the depth of the purchased tray. That is, the tray depth should not exceed the depth of the rack! This tray depth difference with the rack try to be at least 15 cm.

Unlike fixed trays, you can adjust the depth of the moving trays. The minimum and maximum installation depth for adjustable removable trays on the product page is stated in its technical specifications.

Sliding trays can be pulled in or out of the server rack. These trays are locked in such a way that they lock the tray and prevent it from accidentally slipping in and out of the server rack. The minimum and maximum depth of sliding tray installation on the product page is specified in the specifications.

Like moving trays in some countries, they also use drawer drives or metal sliding shelves inside the rack, which are used to store tools, small hardware or other accessories. (We have no such games in Iran!)

Next up is the Rail Kit Rack in various sizes that are often customizable and allow you to customize your server equipment. Charging these rails to the server will make the maintenance of the servers easier and easier.

Fixed wheels and mounts are two common ways to mount a rack on the floor or on the floor. To move racks you need industrial wheels, which usually have two wheels in rotation, and two fixed and fixed rear wheels to move racks. Always try to use fixed screws to fix your rack after moving. To make your hardware less prone to physical damage.

Other accessory racks include Cable management tools, which include cable management hooks, panels and ducts or ducts.
The cable management hooks are designed to prevent the cabling from snagging or tangling in the network cables and not to cause or increase noise in our network traffic in the future. They are also sometimes called D-Ring hooks and are available in a variety of sizes.

A cable duct or cable is used to guide the cables. These ducts have a removable top cover that you can easily add or remove cables.
 The cable management panel consists of several hooks and cable management cables, which together provide a complete in-rack cabling solution.

Blanket panels in the rack are sometimes referred to as filler panels because they are designed to fill openings in server shelves that are not used. This provides security as well as physical protection for the equipment on the server shelf. The Blank Panel can be either hinged or hinged for air conditioning with or without hinges.

The power module or PDU adds extra sockets to your server rack. They are available in U-based sizes such as 1U, and some of the more advanced models include power switches that you can use to turn on and off devices connected via the IP network. In the near future I will write about them in a more detailed blog on the site.

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PDU Power Module 6 Port TPD-106, 16 Amps, 220 Volts Suitable for Stand and Wall Racks
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PDU Power Module 8 Port TPD-108, 16 Amps, 220 Volts Suitable for Stand and Wall Racks
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PDU Power Module 9 Port TPD-109, 16 Amps, 220 Volts Suitable for Stand and Wall Racks
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TPB-101 BLANK PANEL Suitable for rack server
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TPB-201 BLANK PANEL Suitable for rack server
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TPB-301 BLANK PANEL Suitable for rack server
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