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TRB-1042 42U standing rack, 100 cm deep and 60 cm wide, equipped with two AC fans and removable frame, industrial wheels
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      TRB-1042 42U standing rack, 100 cm deep and 60 cm wide, equipped with two AC fans and removable frame,  industrial wheels

      Rack Dimensions:

      • 42U with 205 height and 60 cm width and 100 cm depth in simple model

      door, side panels and body:

      ♦ Single front door with metallic frame and colored glass fitted with rotary knob switch (Ritali design) with latch replacement

      ♦With single-slot rear fitted with rotary knob switch (Ritali design) to facilitate access to the luggage rack terminal equipment

      ♦ Horizontal double-sided side panels to maximize useful space and ease access to equipment from both sides, with sliding tabs and switches

      ♦ All-metal welded body for greater strength

      ♦Electrostatic black powder paint for durability and beauty

      ♦ Weight reduction rack for ease of movement with changing technology and production engineering while enhancing component quality and strength

      Rail, Column:

      ♦ Use 2mm thick rails for extra strength

      ♦ Insert white printed unit counter on 4 vertical rails for ease of installation

      ♦19 inch rails in accordance with IEC60297 Computer, Telecommunication and Audio Standard

      ♦ Ability to customize the distance of the rails (adapters) to each other at the bottom of the rack

      ♦ Ease of installation of all standard network equipment and common servers

      ♦ Using double sheets and changing the bending shape of the column and rails for greater strength

      ♦ Space embedded in the rack column to accommodate a 19-inch (Zero Unit) power distribution panel without the need to occupy useful rack space

      ♦ Welded joints in reinforcing arms (to the front and rear pillars), for static gain and greater weight tolerance

      Cable Inputs:

      ♦Inserting multiple cable inlets on the roof and floor of the rack with different dimensions to allow the ♦cable to enter and exit in different sizes and from different locations

      ♦ Rack open tray design to allow patch panel with cables to attach when switching equipment or changing rack

      ♦Bending the rails studs to create a cable-guiding space inside the rails and inserting oval punches on the   rails to enter and exit the cable (in models with U rails)

      ♦ Increase the width of the vertical rails and the placement of square punches on them, as well as on the reinforcing arms to install the belt holder mounting bracket, for greater ease and order in directing cables at height and depth of the rack (in U-rails models)

      Fan and other accessories:

      ♦ Equipped with two AC fans for air conditioning (Ceiling fan capacity up to 4)

      ♦ Equipped with removable fan frame for easy switching without changing equipment

      ♦  industrial wheels for ease of movement (replaceable wheels with adjustable fixed base)

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