Standing Server Racks

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The Floor Standing racks are used to house both network as well as server equipments. These are primarily used in data centers and other places with a large number of equipments.
Most of the points that are applicable to the above wall mount racks are applicable to floor standing server racks as well, except that these are bigger and kept on the floor (some might even have wheels attached, to enable their movement).
Common sizes: 24U, 30U, 36U, 42U, 45U.
The whole front section generally comes with full length doors with hardened glass/ lock. Some might even have rear doors.
In addition to the normal cable managers, these floor standing racks also offer specialized channels for electrical cabling, network cabling, etc which ensures neat movement of cables in the rear end, along the height of the racks.
These racks can house more equipments and can handle loads of around 450-500 Kg.
Floor mount racks are supplied either in CKD (Completely Knocked Down) condition where individual components are shipped to the site and the rack itself is assembled in the site (or) is assembled in the factory and shipped as a whole.

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