Unicom Cable UC-CABx5e

Unicom Enhanced Category 5 Cable, UC-CABx5e, 100MBps
Manufacturer: UNICOM
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• Universally accepted design for global commercial network installations
• Simplified structured cabling solution preserving long-term network investment
• Warranted, trouble-free cabling installation and maintenance

• IEEE 802.3: 1000Base-T (Gigabit Ethernet), 100Base-TX (Fast Ethernet), 10Base-T
• 52/155 Mbps ATM
• 4/16 Mbps Token Ring
• ANSI X3.263: 100 Mbps

Standard Compliances
• ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-B.2 (Category 5e)
• ISO/IEC 11801 Class D
• UL

Technical Characteristics
• Mutual Capacitance (Max.): 5.6nF/100m
• Capacitance, unbalance (Max.): 330pF/100m
• Velocity of Propagation: 68 %
• Delay Skew: 45 ns/100m

Unicom cat5e etas

unicom cat5e etas

Unicom Cat5e Etas

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