Unicom Quick Punching Tool UC-TOL-PNC

Unicom Quick Punching Tool UC-TOL-PNC
Manufacturer: UNICOM
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The termination process is now simpler and faster with UNICOM’s quick punching tool. This Punching tool makes the punch process and wire cutting simultaneously so saving greater time when terminating cable. This secured termination owes to special guide/module for 8 wire cutting & punching at the same time.
UNICOM’s quick punching tool allows for effortless termination of Keystone Jack connections so that reduces installer fatigue and improves connection quality. When the punching guide is well-worn, you can replace the module with spare easily. There is a latch to lock the handle for saving space in toolbox and keep the guide safe.

• Suitable for quick and secured termination of UNICOM’s slim Jacks
• 8 times faster than individual punching
• Punching & cutting extra wires simultaneously
• Saves punching time & reduces installer fatigue
• Improves connection quality
• Includes one spare of Punching/cutting Guide
• Easy Replacing the Guide with spare
• Special latch to lock the Handle while not using
• Heavy Duty Body
• Body: Aluminium Alloy
• Frame: Nylon PA66+15%GF
• Latch/Cover: PP
• Color: Blue
• Size: 5.90” x 6.30”

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Unicom Quick Punching Tool UC-TOL-PNC

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