Unicom UC-FBR-GI

Unicom 24Core MM 50/125 Tight Buffer 10G Indoor Fiber Optic Cable (OM3)
Manufacturer: UNICOM
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UNICOM UC-FBR-GI Cables provides sufficient bandwidth to support 10 Gigabit Ethernet for data centers inside backbones.
UC-FBR-GI is also designed for indoor ineter connections as well as duct installations. It is ideal for routing inside buildings
including raised floor, riser shafts and wiring closets. The tight buffered fibers surrounded by aramid yarn strength member with
a flame-retardant outer jacket. The outer Jacket is Low Smoke & Zero Halogen and UL-listed. The cable comply with standards

• Higher data rates and longer distances
• High fiber density within a jacket
• Tight Buffer design with flexible Jacket for indoor usage
• Easy to assembled with connectors for pigtail/jumper application
• Color-coded Fibers for easy identification
• Low losses at long distance transmission
• Available with OM3 Multi Mode and G655 Single Mode fiber

• Data Centers
• 10G LANs
• High speed transmission system
• Data, audio, video and telecom applications
• In door applications

Standard Compliances
• Standard Compliances
• UL (OFN, OFNP & OFNR) flame retardant
• IEC 60332-1-2 (Single strand), IEC 60332-3-24 (Vertically-bunched)
• IEC 60754-1 (Acid gas), IEC 60754-2 (Acid gas)
• IEC 61034-2 (Smoke density)
• TIA/EIA-598-B, ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-C.3
• ICEA S-83-596
• GR-20-CORE, GR-409-CORE
• ITU-TG651, ITU-TG652.D, ITU-TG655, ITU-TG657
• ISO/IEC 11801

Technical Characteristics

Tight Buffer 10G Indoor Fiber Optic Cable

Tight Buffer 10G Indoor Fiber Optic Cable


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