Unicom UC-FBR-LO

Unicom Loose Tube Outdoor Fiber Optic Cable, UC-FBR-LO
Manufacturer: UNICOM
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UNICOM UC-FBR-LO Cables are designed for duct, underground and tunnel installations. The loose tube cable construction places varying number of fibers in one buffer tube.
The loose tube design provides stable and highly reliable transmission parameters for a variety of voice, data, video and imaging applications. The design also provides high fiber density within a given cable diameter while allowing flexibility to suit many system designs.

• High fiber density within a tube
• Water penetration resistant
• Color-coded Fibers for easy identification
• Small diameter and bend radius allow for easy installation in space-constrained areas
• Low losses at long distance transmission
• Available with 62.5 µm, 50 µm and single-mode fiber

• Out door applications
• High speed transmission system
• Data, audio, video and telecom applications

Standard Compliances
• ITU, IEC and EIA/TIA-FOTP spec.
• UL (OFNP & OFNR) flame retardant

Technical Characteristics

Loose Tube Outdoor Fiber Optic Cable [UC-FBR-LO] کابل یونیکام

Loose Tube Outdoor Fiber Optic Cable [UC-FBR-LO]

Specification Loose Tube Outdoor Fiber Optic Cable [UC-FBR-LO]

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