Unicom UC-FBR-TA

Unicom Tight Buffer Outdoor Fiber Optic Cable, UC-FBR-TA
Manufacturer: UNICOM
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UNICOM UC-FBR-TA Cables are designed for direct-buried applications with no need for a transition splice when entering the building. Available in fiber counts of 2~12 fibers, the tight-buffered construction facilitates easier termination for low-fibercount applications in the local area network (LAN).

• Armored construction provides additional crush and rodent protection
• High-strength ripcord under armor for ease of stripping
• Eliminates cable transition at the building entrance, reducing installation time and cost in additionto increasing channel
operation margin
• Tight-buffered design eliminates need for fan-out kits
• Rodent Protection
• Color-coded Fibers for easy identification and direct termination
• Available with 62.5 µm, 50 µm and single-mode fiber

• Outdoor harsh environment
• High speed transmission system
• Data, audio, video and telecom applications

Standard Compliances
• ITU, IEC and EIA/TIA-FOTP spec.
• UL (OFNP & OFNR) flame retardant rating

Technical Characteristics

مشخصات کابل فیبرنوری یونیکام مدل UC-FBR-TA

UNICOM UC-FBR-TA Cables کابل یونیکام

Unicom UC-FBR-TA کابل یونیکام

Specification Unicom UC-FBR-TA

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