Wall Mount Enclosures

رک های دیواری و کاربرد آنها

What is a wallmount rack and where is its use?

Wallmounts racks are mainly used to deploy a variety of Passive and Active equipment in low-density sections of the Access layer.
Obviously the connection between these layer access racks to the distribution layer and the center layer racks is provided through the Backbone cabling subsystem.
Wall racks are designed to meet different standards in different colors and patterns to meet different standards and standards.

The following types of wall racks and the best-selling standard are:

6-unit rack with depths of 35 and 45 cm Suitable for inserting access points - network switches - patch panel and sometimes CCTV cameras.

9-unit rack with depths of 45 and 60 cm In addition to the above, management switches and accessories can be used inside these racks.


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