Wall mount Rack 6u TRE-4506

TRE-4506 6U Wall mount rack, 45 cm depth, 56 cm wide, equipped with a AC fan ,PDU
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6U wall mount rack 45cm TRE-4506 irack

Rack Dimensions:

♦ 6U in size with a height of 49 and a width of 56 and a depth of 45 cm

door, side panels and body:


♦ Front door with metal frame and colored glass with switch lock

♦ With single-sided side panels equipped with switches on the sides of the rack to facilitate access to equipment

♦ With spring hinges, for ease of rack door separation

♦ With plastic door rack holder

♦ All-metal welded body for greater strength

♦ Reinforcing the back of the rack to make it stronger for mounting the rack to the wall

♦ Black for aesthetic and more harmonious office environment

Rail, Column:

1. Use a 1.25mm thick rails for greater strength

♦ Has 2 vertical rails with unit marker

♦ Insert white printed counter on 2 vertical rails in front of rack for ease of installation

♦ inch rails to IEC60297 computer, telecommunication and audio standard

♦ Ability to adjust the distance between the vertical rails and the back of the rack

♦ It has a bent column for greater strength and stability

Cable Inputs:


♦ Possibility of cable passing through the roof and floor of the rack

♦ Has a cap on the cable crossing path from the floor

♦ Has a hair duster on the cable crossing path through the roof

Fan and other accessories:

♦ Equipped with 1 AC fan on the roof rack for ventilation

♦ Ventilation system on the roof rack coil for air circulation when the fan is off

♦ Features a hair extinguisher on the cable crossing path to prevent dust from entering

♦ With power distribution panel equipped with three sockets

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